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Relief for Common Pregnancy Complaints

I spent both my pregnancies looking for relief from various side-effects of pregnancy.  Here are some things that worked for me:

1.  Morning sickness – I never had “morning sickness”.  I was nauseous from morning until night without fail.  Not enough to throw up but enough to make even the simplest activities a challenge.  I found relief from ginger candies and eating small meals throughout the day that were carb heavy.  I also kept a stash of saltine crackers in my purse for emergencies.  Also worth trying is the Spoiled Mama’s Happy Mornings Sippin’ Tea a 100% organic blend of stomach settling herbs.

2.  Heartburn –  This was a real problem during my first pregnancy.  Apparently higher levels of progesterone in your body causes the valve at the top of your stomach to relax which allows stomach acids to enter your esophagus.  Combine this with a baby that is competing with your organs for room in your abdomen and you get a bad case of heartburn.  The usual advice is to eat small meals and avoid spicy and fatty foods but this wasn’t enough for me.  I had to turn to Gaviscon which contains an acid neutralizer and also forms a foam that floats on the top of your stomach contents thus blocking acid from reaching your esophagus.

3.  Leg Cramps – A sudden cramp in my calf woke me up from numerous nights sleep and I have to admit I didn’t handle them well.  I’d be surprised if my screams weren’t heard by our neighbours at the time.  Leg cramps are caused by low levels of calcium and magnesium so taking a supplement should help.  I would also make time for a foot massage the next day at my favourite place Gao’s.

4. Sciatica – Literally a pain in the butt.  By the end of the second semester and into the third your baby’s weight is resting on your pelvis and can compress your sciatic nerve.  It’s difficult to find something that will relieve the pain all together but I found I felt better after Pilates class (I love Flex in Wong Chuk Hang.  They have prenatal Pilates classes every week).  Not staying in 1 position for too long whether it was sitting or standing and sleeping with a pillow between my knees also helped.


Get Moving!
January 11, 2010, 9:31 am
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Feeling like a beached whale is inevitable when you’re pregnant.  But it’s best to fight the desire to sink into the couch  and get moving.  Keeping active will make you feel better, help make labour and delivery “easier”, and enable you to regain your pre-pregnancy body faster.  Here’s some easy ways to stay active:

1.  Walk.  It’s the easiest form of exercise and perfect for pregnancy because it’s low impact.  Two easy walks worth checking out are Bowen Road in Mid-levels and Lugard Road at the Peak which offer lush scenery and spectacular views of Hong Kong.

2.  Stretch.  Enroll in pregnancy yoga or Pilates to help with flexibility, strength and deep breathing.  All invaluable during child birth.  If you are a yogi at heart try Studio 49 in Mid-levels or Yoga Limbs in Sheung Wan.  If Pilates is more your syle  Matilda Hospital at the Peak and IsoFit in Central offer antenatal Pilates classes.

3.  Swim.  You are much more buoyant when pregnant  so take a load off those aching legs and go for a swim.  It tones your muscles and cools you down.  The University of Hong Kong has a number of sports facilities open to the public for a small membership fee.

4.  Tone.  Pelvic floor exercises are essential if you want to avoid incontinence after birth and later in life.  Easily done without anyone knowing or if you’d prefer something more mechanical there is the Kegel8 which can be delivered worldwide.