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5 Ways to Stay Stylish When Pregnant

So you’re pregnant…that’s no reason to go the way of smocked tops and tent dresses.  Follow these simple tips to keep stylish for all 9 months:

1.  Accessorize – Your closet is already filled with amazing accessories that will still work when you are pregnant.  Wear a maternity dress and accessorize with a belt and scarf.  Loose fitting dresses often look better with a leather belt around your hips or below your bust to give more of a shape.

Emma & Willa Square Neck Tunic (worn with a belt)

2.  Choose fitted styles – Don’t try to hide your size by wearing too loose clothes because you’ll get the opposite effect.  Wearing a fitted top with loose trousers or skinny jeans with a roomy top will make you look slimmer and more polished.

Olian Draped Sleeve Top with Linen Trousers

3.  Keep your skinny’s – If you love skinny jeans keep wearing them!  All your favourite denim designers also make maternity styles with the same flattering fit.

DL1961 Kate Slim Straight

4.  Add a splash of colour – Pregnant women have a tendency to wear a lot of black.  An injection of colour will brighten your outfit and make it more on-trend for Summer.

LA Made’s Shirred Tank Dress in Coral

5.  Show Some Skin – For all those women who have little to show off normally pregnancy offers you a prime opportunity to flaunt your new cleavage.

Front Gathered Dress by Jules & Jim

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Pregnancy Etiquette 101
August 12, 2011, 7:13 pm
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There is proper etiquette for most things in this world and interacting with a pregnant woman is no different.  I find that appropriate manners are sometimes overlooked so here’s a refresher.

  1. Don’t touch her belly – A pregnant woman already feels fat.  There is no need to rub her belly and make her feel like a walking Buddha.  If you feel compelled and can’t stop yourself always ask permission first.
  2. Don’t comment on how large she is – There is nothing worse than hearing “you must be having twins” when you aren’t.
  3. Don’t discuss an awful birth experience – We all know that not every birth is a walk in the park but the last thing she wants to hear is how awful it could be.  What’s worse is that the horrible story generally ends in “but I’m sure that won’t happen to you” which is true but that scenario will be running through her mind for the rest of the day.
  4. Don’t invite her out to a bar – She’s not drinking and hanging out in a place surrounded by people drinking is likely the last thing she wants to do.  Though the lure of yummy food will generally spark some genuine interest.

And now some tips for the pregnant ladies:

  1. Dress appropriately – Be proud of your body but don’t expose yourself unnecessarily.  Your clothes should always fit properly ie. the front of the garment should never be shorter than the back because of your growing tummy.  Invest in maternity clothes early so you don’t look like a person who is just trying to “make do” with what’s in your closet for 9 months.
  2. Don’t forget your manners – There’s a pretty high likelihood of you running into a “tummy rubber’ at least once during your pregnancy.  And with your hormones running wild you might feel compelled to put them in their place.  I’ve found that just taking a small step back is generally enough to correct the offensive behavior without looking like a crazy person.