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Maternity Trends for Spring & Summer 2012

The scorching Summer months are here and we’ve got you covered with our Spring/Summer Collection for 2012.  Here are our top picks from the latest fashion trends to keep you looking and feeling cool this Summer.


The Nautical trend made a key appearance this season because it’s crisp and classy.  Choose from horizontal stripes in black, navy or red but keep in mind only 1 item from your outfit should be striped as this trend can be easily overdone.  Olian’s Off-Shoulder Striped Top is a loose style that hugs your bump making it flattering without being too tight.  And the Striped Dress features a solid black tank top and horizontal black and white striped flowing skirt with an adjustable belt.


Summer is an excuse to play with prints and this season is no exception. Be daring and stand out in Fragile’s Knotty Dress. This one-of-a-kind navy, black and cream dress accentuates all your curves and ties at the front.  Another winner from Fragile is the Double V Dress in vintage inspired blue, red and white diamond pattern print with 3/4 length sleeves and an adjustable tie belt.

Summer Brights

Summer wouldn’t be summer without bright, fun colours and this year is no exception.  LA Made’s Maxi Dress is made of thin, breathable cotton making it perfect for HK’s hot and humid climate.  Everly Grey’s Uma Wrap Dress in bright royal blue with flutter sleeves is perfect for the office or a night out.

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking seems to be the trend of the moment and we are loving the Everly Grey Ellis Tri-Colour Maxi.  The combination of navy, white and bright grass green is fresh and summery.  If you are more keen on pink, Olian’s Two-tone Dress (coming soon) with a grey tank top, black waist and bright pink loose fitting skirt.

Get Shorty

Nothing says summer like a pair of shorts. Mums-to-be shouldn’t shy away from shorts as a chic summer option. Choose from Short or Bermuda style shorts and pair with a top that hits at the hip for the most flattering look.  Jules & Jim’s Cargo Shorts are cuffed and have patch pockets on the front and an adjustable belt making them suitable for all stages of pregnancy.  Everly Grey’s Miren Shorts are a bit longer and feature fold-over back pockets with buttons.

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Losing the Baby Weight
April 11, 2012, 5:18 pm
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I’m thankful that I’ve been one of the lucky ones when it comes to losing baby weight.  After my first child I don’t remember working hard to get back to my pre-pregnancy size.  But baby number 2 was different.  I did lose the initial few pounds as easily as the first time but I noticed a plateau in my weight loss.  Those last few pounds just wouldn’t budge no matter what I tried so when I learned about Hypoxi I was intrigued.  My program started with a weigh-in and measuring session to establish a starting point.  Then I was walked through the “Hypoxi Method” which basically means heating and applying gentle pressure to problems areas (waist, stomach, hips, bum & thighs) while you are doing light exercise.  Doing this 3 times a week along with making a few small dietary changes would enable me to shed my last few pounds.  The dietary changes, like no carbs for dinner on session days were so small that they were very easy to follow and I never felt like I was depriving myself of anything.  After one month I am back in my favourite skinny jeans having lost 2.1kgs and 17.2 cms and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

For all you new mama’s, Nine Months is partnering with Hypoxi to help you shed those last few pounds.  All customers will receive a coupon for a free Hypoxi session to get you started.  And if you spend $1500 or more you will receive a $500 cash coupon to put towards a weight loss package.

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Maternity Wardrobe Guide – The Must-have’s

The Maternity Wardrobe Must-have’s are items that no pregnant women should be without.  Most are items that you would have in your normal wardrobe only they have certain design features that make them suitable for pregnancy.

1.  Designer denim – Perhaps the most important is a good pair of designer jeans.  Most of the popular designer denim brands like J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, Paige and my current favorite DL1961 have maternity styles now.  You can expect the same perfect fit that you get from non-maternity designer denim only with adjustments like a low front rise or adjustable band at the waist.  Try a number of styles and brands to find the right fit for you.  Also remember the lighter the wash the more casual the jean will look so you will likely get more wear out of a darker wash because you can wear them for day and night.

DL1961 Kate Slim Straight

2.  Bellaband – Perhaps the best pregnancy invention ever, the Bellaband allows you to get more wear out of your pre-pregnancy jeans and trousers and can also be used throughout pregnancy to keep your bottoms in place and after pregnancy when you are getting back into your old wardrobe.  I have also used mine as a boob tube under tops that are too low.


3.  Feel good top – Every maternity wardrobe needs a few good tops that are neither too tight or loose.  They can be trendy or classic but they must fit well.

Cowl Neck & Button Up Top by Pour Deux

4.  Perfect-fit Trousers – A great fitting trouser will take you from day to night depending on what you wear with them.  They should have some stretch in them and be slighted fitted.

Jules & Jim Prada Pants

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Maternity Wardrobe Guide – The Basics

Anyone who has been pregnant knows that dressing yourself during pregnancy can be a challenge!  I often get women in the boutique looking for advice on which wardrobe pieces they’ll need to get them through their pregnancy so I’ve compiled a list broken down into:  The Basics, The Must-haves & The Investment Pieces.  Today, The Basics:

These are items that you will wear the most during your pregnancy.  There’s no bells-and-whistles here…nothing fancy at all but they will be staples and they won’t break the bank.

1.  A versatile cami – Perfect for layering which is key in pregnancy and the cooler season.  Look for comfortable natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo.  The most versatile styles are form fitting.

LA Made Layering Cami

2.  Leggings – You’ll get a lot of wear out of a pair of black leggings.  They can be worn with everything from tunics to dresses and you will live in them for the last month of pregnancy.  Get 3/4 length for Spring and full length for Fall.

LA Made Leggings

3.  Comfy Lounge Trousers – Wide leg loose fit trousers made of natural fabric.  You’ll be wearing these around the house and to yoga class.

LA Made's Noah Trouser

4.  Layering cardi – Autumn is here so you’ll likely need a little bit of warmth.  A layering cardi is the perfect piece to provide warmth and you can still remove it easily when you get too hot.

LA Made's Striped Cardi

5.  Nursing Bra – No need to buy maternity bras, just jump straight into nursing bras so you can wear them after the baby is born.  They are made from soft, comfortable fabric and they don’t have any underwire.  Lots of women wear them to bed to provide a bit of support and comfort.

Belabumbum's Camille Bra

6.  The Everyday T-shirt – Again a layering piece.  Maternity t-shirts are longer than non-maternity t-shirts so don’t make the mistake of trying to make due with your non-maternity ones or your belly will show.  You can choose a very plain style or something with a bit of detail.

LA Made's Double V Tee

As you’ll notice I’ve featured a number of items made by LA Made  because they are the experts in casual maternity fashion.  You can find similar pieces by different brands however I’ve handpicked LA Made because of their high quality, comfortable fabrics and on-trend styles.

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Must-have Basics for Breastfeeding

I wish someone would have told me how difficult breastfeeding can be when I was having my first baby.  I thought it would be a walk in the park and it was anything but.  The sad truth is that some women find it incredibly difficult and I was one of them.  I’m not sure anything really helps except a huge amount of patience and persistance but here are a few must-have’s to help you along.

1.   Herbal Tea – The jury is still out on milk stimulating herbal teas but it’s one of those things that can’t hurt to try if you’re having difficulties.  There are a number of different herbs that are said to help your breasts produce milk but Fenugreek seems to be the most effective and should be the main ingredient.  The Spoiled Mama‘s More Milk Please Sippin’ Tea is made from 100% organic ingredients and is said to increase breast milk supply within hours of use.

2.   Nursing Cover – One of the most useful items to purchase is a nursing cover.  I sometimes see women struggling with a scarf or something similar when a nursing cover would make life so much easier at minimum cost.  The best ones are made from thin cotton maternial with an adjustable strap to go around your neck and a  stiff front neckline that gives you a full view of your nursing baby.  Udder Covers makes super stylish ones in 6 different patterns that won’t hurt the pocketbook.

3.   Glamourmom Tank – The Glamourmom tank is a must-have for all mums who have established a good breastfeeding routine with their baby.  Glamoumom tanks offer full support with easy breast access all while keeping the belly fully covered.  Perfect on their own or under a sweater or flowing top.

4.   Nursing Bras & Nightwear – Gone are the days of plain Jane nursing bras and underwear and not a moment too soon.  Just because you might not feel your sexiest doesn’t mean you should go the route of frumpy undergarments.  Belabumbum is loved by many celebrities mums and with good reason and the nursing bras are so comfortable you can wear them during pregnancy.

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Maternity Trends for Fall 2011

Fall is just around the corner which means a whole new season of maternity style options.  Nine Months has already started receiving their Fall collection and there are a few trends and must-have’s for the season.

1.  Bump-hugging tunics – The tunic is a must-have item for pregnancy – perfect with skinny jeans when you’re feeling thin and with leggings for the later months of pregnancy.  I always erred on the side of figure hugging silhouettes when I was pregnant but sometimes I found it difficult to find a tunics that weren’t floaty and tent-like.  The ones to look for have an a-line silhouette, hugging your bust and top of the tummy and becoming more roomy at the bottom.


2.  Ruching at the neckline – There are some women that are super excited about the prospect of increasing a cup size during pregnancy and I was certainly one of them.  I wore low cut tops and dresses whenever I could.  Ruching at the neckline makes low cut tops extra flattering.


3.  A floaty coverup – Styles are looking more feminine this Autumn/Winter but I’m not a fan of floral prints or too many ruffles when you are pregnant.  The perfect way to give your outfit a more feminine feel is to add a floaty coverup.  Styles that give you a bit of warmth without the bulk are key since you already warmer than usual and are likely feeling bulky enough.


4.  The ever popular maxi dress – Perfectly flattering for pregnancy.  The maxi dress highlights the area that you can show off with confidence (the bust) and flows over the areas you’d like to hide.  Solid colours are easier to dress up than patterns which lend themselves to a more casual occasion.

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Pampered Mums & Hip Little Ones

Hip Little Bubba, Nine Months, The Body Group and Rawthentic Food are hosting a fab shopping and pampering event this Saturday at Sense of Touch in Repluse Bay.  Raw food demonstrations and loads of goodies.  Sounds like a fun Saturday morning!