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Must-have Basics for Breastfeeding

I wish someone would have told me how difficult breastfeeding can be when I was having my first baby.  I thought it would be a walk in the park and it was anything but.  The sad truth is that some women find it incredibly difficult and I was one of them.  I’m not sure anything really helps except a huge amount of patience and persistance but here are a few must-have’s to help you along.

1.   Herbal Tea – The jury is still out on milk stimulating herbal teas but it’s one of those things that can’t hurt to try if you’re having difficulties.  There are a number of different herbs that are said to help your breasts produce milk but Fenugreek seems to be the most effective and should be the main ingredient.  The Spoiled Mama‘s More Milk Please Sippin’ Tea is made from 100% organic ingredients and is said to increase breast milk supply within hours of use.

2.   Nursing Cover – One of the most useful items to purchase is a nursing cover.  I sometimes see women struggling with a scarf or something similar when a nursing cover would make life so much easier at minimum cost.  The best ones are made from thin cotton maternial with an adjustable strap to go around your neck and a  stiff front neckline that gives you a full view of your nursing baby.  Udder Covers makes super stylish ones in 6 different patterns that won’t hurt the pocketbook.

3.   Glamourmom Tank – The Glamourmom tank is a must-have for all mums who have established a good breastfeeding routine with their baby.  Glamoumom tanks offer full support with easy breast access all while keeping the belly fully covered.  Perfect on their own or under a sweater or flowing top.

4.   Nursing Bras & Nightwear – Gone are the days of plain Jane nursing bras and underwear and not a moment too soon.  Just because you might not feel your sexiest doesn’t mean you should go the route of frumpy undergarments.  Belabumbum is loved by many celebrities mums and with good reason and the nursing bras are so comfortable you can wear them during pregnancy.

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Looking HOT on Valentine’s Day
February 4, 2010, 12:41 pm
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Who says you can’t look hot when you are pregnant?!  Most women feel unattractive and awkward but it doesn’t have to be that way…aside from the dreaded last month of pregnancy when you feel like a beached whale.  Your elevated hormones are already working in your favour making your skin glow and your hair thick and shiny.  Why not add to it by taking care of yourself?  Get your butt to antenatal yoga class, go for walks, eat well and drink lots of water.  Basically do all the things that you would normally do to feel and look good.  Most will also have an abundance of cleavage to show off and why not?!  Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity let your husband know that you are still one hot mama.  There are a number of sexy maternity and nursing lingerie brands available to the women of Hong Kong like Belabumbum, HOT Milk and Cake (if you order online they can ship internationally).  So don’t let this Valentine’s Day go to waste because you are pregnant…love is in the air….

HOT Milk Slip Into Seduction Nightdress


Maternity Bras – Keeping Your New Friends In Check
October 19, 2009, 12:26 pm
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Belabumbum Lotus Nursing Bra & Underware

Belabumbum Lotus Nursing Bra & Underware

When to say goodbye to your lovely, lacy underwire bras, you ask?  Well, the question is twofold.  First is the issue of when to switch to maternity bras.  You’ll likely find that you will likely need to switch from your regular bra to a maternity bra around week 18 depending on the person.  You’ll know when the time is right because you won’t be able to get through the day without feeling constricted and uncomfortable.  If you’re normally on the smaller size and you are finding that even while pregnant you’re not in dire need for extra support then it’s ok to go the route of buying bras that are a bigger cup size.  However, if you are normally well-endowed and your pregnancy means your breasts seem to be taking on a mind of their own then I would recommend getting a proper maternity bra asap.  If you are on the frugal side then it is perfectly acceptable to buy nursing bras as they are just as comfortable as maternity bras and you won’t have to purchase once the baby is born.  Look for bras that have a high cotton content or other natural fabric so that you’re skin can breathe, the straps should be slightly wider so that they are more comfortable, and the back should have 3-4 hooks so you have room to grow.  You will likely have to buy new bras twice in your pregnancy, once in the 1st or 2nd trimester and then again near the end of your pregnancy as your breasts could change size considerably.  Some people recommend against wearing underwire bras as they can restrict milk ducts.  Personally, I just found them to be incredibly uncomfortable and couldn’t stand to be in them for more than 2 hours.

The second issue is whether or not you are destined to 9 months of boring, “functional” underware.  The answer is no.  There are plenty of options out there if you are committed to wearing pretty undergarments during your pregnancy.  Notable brands include Belabumbum and Hot Milk.